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So I was sitting outside today and felt a big land on my arm, so I went to swat it off, but it was just a little baby lizard. He stood still for a second and I finally got a picture of him before he ran off back into the bushes. Good luck little guy! 🌎

Recently I saw these awesome #sculptures, part of an sea life art exhibit called ‘#Washed #Ashore’. In their entirety, these huge sculptures were made from #plastic and other items which were found washed up on our nation’s beaches as #litter. It was a fantastic way to bring awareness to how immense of an issue this has become, and tips were given along the way on how to be more Eco friendly! #conservation #recycle #ocean #missionblue
To check out more, visit

Happy #IndependenceDay everyone! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡ I suppose this painting is somewhat festive after all, being that it’s red white and blue .. Festive In a twisted ocean sort of way that is 😁 This is a little Giant Pacific Octopus painting I created the other week as a gift. I love these guys, they’re so fantastically bizarre; incredibly intelligent, have three hearts, and blue blood! πŸ™

Well Have a great holiday everyone. Fireworks will be staring up fairly soon here on the east coast. Can’t wait!

I had an spectacular past two days displaying my artwork and helping out with Project Seahorse in #Riviera #Beach #Florida!

Project Seahorse was designed by shark conservationist Jim Abernethy & Dan Volker as an opportunity for the youth of Riviera Beach to try #snorkeling and #scuba #diving, many for their first time, to discover the marine life found on their local shores. #Project #Seahorse also had an evening #art show with local artists & a presentation on the #marine life around Blue Heron Bridge, where the snorkeling and diving took place. Glad I could be a part of this fantastic event! (at Riviera Beach, Florida)

I had a great time visiting these fellas at the #LoggerheadMarineLifeCenter this afternoon with my family! The marine life center operates as an #educational outpost and a #rehabilitation hospital for sick or injured turtles, and they do a fantastic job! I hope there may be some way my artwork could be of assistance to them, as I would live to become more involved with their efforts! #conservation #family #seaturtles #rescue #marinelife #turtle #loggerhead (at Loggerhead Marinelife Center)

Happy #WorldOceansDay everyone! 🌊🌎🐠🐒 I’m excited to say that I am just about completed with this# mural! I can’t wait to see it all pieced together. I am having the painting photographed soon, so as soon as I have some pics to share I will definitely get those up for you all to see :) (at World Oceans Day!)

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