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"Midnight with Mantas" 18"x24" acrylic painting on canvas 🐠 .

Thrilled to be heading off to #NYC tomorrow to attend the Blue Sphere Foundation’s Evening with Shawn Heinrichs Event!! Shawn has been a huge source of inspiration for myself, changing the world with his incredible cinematography. I’ll post more updates as the evening goes on! πŸ˜πŸ˜„

#tbt a close up of some of the detail on a larger piece I #painted awhile back titled “living reef”. I really enjoy combining both the #oceans, and a bit of the #celestial world, into my #artwork. To me, it seems that these two regions, the #sea and #space, are the last of our great frontiers; the last lands we have yet to #explore. To most, these places remain out of reach, only offering small glimpses through #diving, or through the pages of a book. And, to me, it seems that this inaccessibility drives a curiosity within us; we want to learn more about the #mysterious, or what we don’t quite understand. And artwork has the amazing ability to take us there. The ability to offer a glimpse into worlds which we have only begun to #discover. Well that’s enough of my ranting for the day, happy Thursday!

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